Custom Figures
Here you will find everything you need to know about creating and making your own custom figures. from indepth step by step guides and articles about customs, everything you need is right here.     We would also like to showcase your talents aswell in our Custom Figure gallery found at the bottom of this page. So if you have created a custom figure based on an X-Men Character then send us a photo and details about how you made it to Dean Clayton

Custom Figure Articles

Creating Custom Figures
- Mark Bowers Explains how to start making your own figures

From the Head Down
- Mark Bowers takes an indepth look at creating 3 different figures

From toes to Tentacles
- Mark Bowers takes another indepth look into 3 more figures and how to make them

The 500th Custom
- Mark Bowers takes an indepth look into the making of the 500th custom.

Psylocke (7/27/2006)
Deathbird (6/30/2006)
Phoenix (Rachel) (8/2/2005)
Storm (Mohawk) (8/2/2005)
Black Widow (7/29/2005)
Jean Grey (7/29/2005)
Mary Jane (7/29/2005)
Phoenix (7/29/2005)
Rogue (7/29/2005)
Shadowcat (7/29/2005)
Shatterstar (7/29/2005)
Silver Samurai (7/29/2005)
Adam Worlock (7/28/2005)
Adam Worlock (7/28/2005)
Adam Worlock (7/28/2005)
Custom Figure Database

You can either browse by category of custom or select a Customizer from the list below and view all of their customs

2000 X-Men(166)2000 X-Men Villains(21)80's Villians (82)
80's X-Men(234)90's Villians(211)90's X-Men (293)
Acolytes(23)Age Of Apocalypse(151)Alpha Flight(95)
Alternate Realities(31)Amalgam(65)Animated(89)
Apocalypse's Horsemen(25)Astonishing X-Men(38)Big Hero 6(5)
Bishop The Last X-Man Timeline(1)Brotherhood(109)Classic X-Men (160)
Classic X-Men : Villians(62)Crimson Dawn(2)Darkriders(17)
Excalibur(69)Excalibur (New)(3)Exiles(25)
Famous Covers(246)Fan Fiction Characters(1)Generation X(42)
Genosha(4)Hellfire Club(43)Hellions(4)
Manga X-Men(5)Marauders(39)Marvel: Asgardians(53)
Marvel: Avengers(552)Marvel: Cosmic Beings(49)Marvel: Fantastic Four(89)
Marvel: Friends(9)Marvel: Golden Age(20)Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy(6)
Marvel: Heralds of Galactus(29)Marvel: Heroes(260)Marvel: Inhumans(36)
Marvel: Masters of Evil(18)Marvel: Microverse(4)Marvel: New Warriors(45)
Marvel: Shield(13)Marvel: Spiderman(211)Marvel: Squadron Supreme(16)
Marvel: The Serpent Society(13)Marvel: Thunderbolts(24)Marvel: Villains(262)
Marvel: Wrecking Crew(17)Mego (12")(41)Morlocks/Gene Nation(16)
Movie(71)Mutant Liberation Front (MLF)(21)Mutant X(32)
Nasty Boys(18)New Mutants(29)Reavers(21)
Savage Land Mutates(11)Secret Wars(23)Shi'ar(107)
Starjammers(15)Statues(11)Ultimate Universe(20)
Ultimate X-Men(59)Upstarts(6)Weapon X(24)
X.S.E.(11)X-Corp (3)X-Factor(126)
X-Force/X-Static(120)X-Men : Revolution(5)X-Men 2099(41)
X-Men Legos(32)X-men Parodies(5)X-Men: Evolution(48)
X-treme X-Men(26)

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